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Cavalls del Vent Mountain Trip

The Challenge A couple of friends told me they were about to start the Cavalls del Vent Mountain Trip. They asked me to join them and ever since I got excited about the idea from being part of the team. Gear & Preparation Cavalls del Vent Mountain Trip

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Where You Should Look For Cheap Papers

If you are reading the net, you may have heard about the many things that can be achieved to conserve money on purchasing affordable papers. However, the majority of people don’t desire to take a chance and spend the excess money to save money. This is one of reasons why many folks search the web for cheap papers. When people

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Custom Term Papers – Why Custom Term Papers Needed to Be Personalized

If it comes to custom papers, you want to be certain that you are using a template that will give you the very best feel and look. It will provide you with the option of making your term paper appears like you put your own individuality and style into the newspaper. This can allow you to enhance the look of your term paper that will help you

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Cuevas del Mar Beach

Asturias Last 2014’s June I visited Cuevas del Mar Beach located at the north of Spain very near from Nueva. Asturias region was my first stop from the northern area, a region which worths a visit. The landscapes, the food and the people. The population over this region is usually very kind and you may visit both coast and mountains in less than one hour. Picos de Europa, a beautiful mountain range very close from Cuevas del Mar beach, is a […]

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Irma & Fernando Wedding

A few months ago I was invited and requested to take several pictures as well at Irma & Fernando Wedding. Fernando and I became friends almost 10 years ago at the time we were both in a Caborian photographers meeting in Mallorca. He was born in Pamplona (Navarra, Spain) and still living in this area. Irma, his wife, is also from Pamplona and their children Marcos and Andrea. That being said it’s quite obvious where the wedding was about to take […]

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Melania & Max Wedding

The couple Last June had friends who got married and I did offer them to take several pictures from Melania & Max Wedding. They are a very creative couple who also work together on interesting projects like La Casa Abandonada. In this case, them collects, restore and sell unique vintage furnitures. From their collaboration they came up with a small book called “Mi abuela Isabel”. It’s a limited book edition written by Melania and the illustrations by Max.  

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Miss Bikini swimwear photoshoot

Miss Bikini swimwear photoshoot was one of the biggest challenge I have had so far. The mission was taking pictures from Nash Brown who won the Miss Bikini 2013’s Spain edition contest. She’s also brand image from the Australian clothing and swimwear company Seafolly.     We arranged the photoshoot before the summer began. That’s a good point in order to avoid the crowd. I have to say none of the pictures ahead wouldn’t be possible without Marta Martí work and Dan […]

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Noelia studio photoshoot

Noelia studio photoshoot took place just one week after Adrien’s studio photoshoot. Same studio and pretty much similar lighting setup. They are actually flatmates and was actually fun to know them were checking each other preview pictures since I sent them in order to make a selection. Shooting Pre-production The model is a model from Madrid who has been living in Barcelona so far. We had been talking about a photoshoot for long just finding a right place to make […]

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Adrien studio photoshoot

Adrien Studio photoshoot

Adrien is a french friend of mine who I often go skating with. Yes, I do skate or I’d rather say I go longboarding and while my friend skates inline. This occasion it was not the first time that I took pictures from him although it was the first one in studio. He asked me for a few corporate portraits wearing a suit for professional purposes and that’s why we arranged that Adrien studio photoshoot.   Sometimes I have some […]

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Khandia studio photoshoot

Khandia Studio photoshoot

Along 2013 I did not took much portrait photoshoot and that’s why I wanted to improve my portrait gallery by taking some new pictures and then became this Khandia studio photoshoot. Since the lingerie&swimwear from my new website didn’t have much pictures I contacted Khandia for first time in order to organize something. Once we started talking each other and letting her now what my ideas were she was happy to collaborate and it was really easy and quick to […]

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