Miss Bikini swimwear photoshoot

Miss Bikini swimwear photoshoot was one of the biggest challenge I have had so far. The mission was taking pictures from Nash Brown who won the Miss Bikini 2013’s Spain edition contest. She’s also brand image from the Australian clothing and swimwear company Seafolly.     We arranged the photoshoot before the summer began. That’s a good point in order to avoid the crowd. I have to say none of the pictures ahead wouldn’t be possible without Marta Martí work and Dan […]

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Noelia studio photoshoot

Noelia studio photoshoot took place just one week after Adrien’s studio photoshoot. Same studio and pretty much similar lighting setup. They are actually flatmates and was actually fun to know them were checking each other preview pictures since I sent them in order to make a selection. Shooting Pre-production The model is a model from Madrid who has been living in Barcelona so far. We had been talking about a photoshoot for long just finding a right place to make […]

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Adrien studio photoshoot

Adrien Studio photoshoot

Adrien is a french friend of mine who I often go skating with. Yes, I do skate or I’d rather say I go longboarding and while my friend skates inline. This occasion it was not the first time that I took pictures from him although it was the first one in studio. He asked me for a few corporate portraits wearing a suit for professional purposes and that’s why we arranged that Adrien studio photoshoot.   Sometimes I have some […]

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Sessió de fotos Iren Mirror

Irene Espejo studio photoshoot and Making of

Those who already know a little about my portfolio will know that it is not the first session with Irene. The first was in 2008, resulting from the work of the entire team in some very good photos and experience. From there, with good precedents, keeping in touch with Irene, we decided to meet the camera and flashes again to expand our respective portfolios. It has been very easy to work with her both for the treatment and her ease […]

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Sesión de fotos Alexandra Masangkay participante de Operación Triunfo 2011

Conocí a Alexandra Masangkay en un concurso de música en el Palacio de Congresos de Barcelona y allí establecimos el contacto para hacer una sesión de fotos que en unos meses llevamos a cabo. Después de esta sesión de fotos Alexandra fue elegida para participar en la última edición de Operación Triunfo donde ha saltado a la fama gracias a su voz y su trabajo. En la sesión teníamos muchas ganas de experimentar con muchos estilismos distintos aunque no nos […]

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Sesión de fotos embarazo en Parque Grande de Zaragoza

En ocasiones te encuentras que gente cercana a ti está viviendo un momento muy especial y como fotógrafo es una ocasión perfecta para guardar un recuerdo de lo que están viviendo y tener una imagen diferente a lo que es habitual. Es el caso de Antonio y Eva quienes visité en diciembre para fotografiarles en el octavo mes de embarazo de la niña que estaban esperando. Desde hacía días tenía claro el estilo que buscaba para esas fotos. Un ambiente […]

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