Cavalls del Vent Mountain Trip

The Challenge A couple of friends told me they were about to start the Cavalls del Vent Mountain Trip. They asked me to join them and ever since I got excited about the idea from being part of the team. Gear & Preparation Cavalls del Vent Mountain Trip

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5 days in Dolomites's Autumn

5 Autumn days at the Dolomites

In the last 2 years I’ve heard many times about Dolomites. I just knew they are a mountain range at the North-East of Italy next to Austria boundaries. Not just Italians have talked about Dolomites but also friends of mine who had been over there and they had a really nice experience. During my journey through the north of Italy, 5 Autumn days at the Dolomites was the perfect combination.   Preparing the trip I travelled to Italy really focused on […]

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10 Days New Zealand photo trip

Why I decided to go for a 10 Days New Zealand photo trip About a year ago I was getting ready for my stay in Australia, besides that I always had a wish to fulfill: to visit New Zealand. Attracted by its pure nature, its mountains and rivers, it was clear that you could not return without visiting that country. Before continuing, I also wanted to thank my friend Teresa,  who based me on his experience visiting NZ a while […]

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Australia East Coast Photo Trip

After flying a few months ago to Melbourne, it was not until December, when I had time to see a little more of this huge country and leave the state capital of Victoria. The route has been all in campervan and consisted of several stages. I made this trip together with Roger, a good old friend who came to Australia for his holidays. The first stage was the Great Ocean Road, a road nourished by some beautiful natural landscapes and […]

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