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Despite there is already a photo gallery from Australia, my experience in Melbourne was long enough and It does deserve a special gallery.

Melbourne is a Photography Experience

When I made the decision to travel abroad in order to get one of the most important experiences in my life, the target was Australia. I cannot ensure why I did choose Melbourne, to be honest it was my preferred choice from the very beginning I decide to live in Australia. Fortunately I made the right decision: it is usually at the top 5 of the most livable cities in the world, the population was pretty much the same than Barcelona and also the most European city within Australia.

Melbourne Best Photography Locations

As soon as you become a Melbournian, you realize that the tram is the city icon of Melbourne but doesn’t mean it is a good or a fast transport method. The “city” is what I call “a little Manhattan” made by plenty of skycrappers on a quite small area. That’s where most of the office workers have to work and also where the main shopping area is.

Eureka Tower the Top Photography location in Melbourne

Eureka Tower (Eureka Skydeck) is a 360º sightseeing place arround you from almost “the sky”. Probably my best photography location of choice in Melbourne for a number of reasons. For long-term stay in Melbourne they do offer an afordable anual pass. That means you can get there whenever you want during opening hours. You just need to stay aware about weather conditions for catching the best light. Moreover, the staff is photographers friendly which is lovely. Tripods are allowed and they also organize sunrise special opening from time to time to get the chance to take pictures very valuable for photographers. The only downside you get to shoot through a glass and have some solution to avoid reflections.

City of contrasts

Like the other big cities in Australia, there is a big contrast from skycrappers to the woods and the sea. Just next to the city you can already find residential suburbs full of no more than 2 floors houses. The dress code in Melbourne is the most relaxed I have ever seen where you can wear whatever you’re happy to with no people making you feel unconfortable. One of these examples is Fitzroy, where many young people go out to restaurants, bars and some alternative shops.

The tourism in Melbourne is quite moderate, that means you can visit the city with no queues.