Miss Bikini swimwear photoshoot

Miss Bikini swimwear photoshoot was one of the biggest challenge I have had so far. The mission was taking pictures from Nash Brown who won the Miss Bikini 2013’s Spain edition contest. She’s also brand image from the Australian clothing and swimwear company Seafolly.     We arranged the photoshoot before the summer began. That’s a good point in order to avoid the crowd. I have to say none of the pictures ahead wouldn’t be possible without Marta Martí work and Dan […]

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Khandia studio photoshoot

Khandia Studio photoshoot

Along 2013 I did not took much portrait photoshoot and that’s why I wanted to improve my portrait gallery by taking some new pictures and then became this Khandia studio photoshoot. Since the lingerie&swimwear from my new website didn’t have much pictures I contacted Khandia for first time in order to organize something. Once we started talking each other and letting her now what my ideas were she was happy to collaborate and it was really easy and quick to […]

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Mireia indoor photoshoot

We go back almost a year ago, in that already increasingly distant 2012 when the photo session with Mireia took place. The session planning and styling was essentially very similar to the one I did with Andrea Ruiz, as part of my personal portfolio project, with some nuances and adaptations to perfectly fit Mireia’s style and characteristics. I want to thank in advance before going into more details of the session, the effort and dedication poured by the model Mireia […]

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Sesión de fotos con Alba Arnau

Los primeros días de verano hice una sesión de fotos con Alba Arnau en el estudio de Moià donde ya pasaron anteriormente Lina Forero, Laia Pons y Vanessa Cots. Hacía ya 2 o 3 años que habíamos hablado con Alba de hacer esta sesión y finalmente la materializamos. En la sesión nos acompañó una buena amiga suya, María Torres, quien tambien se aventuró a coger la cámara un rato y tambien hacer de modelo. La primera parte de la sesión […]

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Sesión de fotos Alexandra Masangkay participante de Operación Triunfo 2011

Conocí a Alexandra Masangkay en un concurso de música en el Palacio de Congresos de Barcelona y allí establecimos el contacto para hacer una sesión de fotos que en unos meses llevamos a cabo. Después de esta sesión de fotos Alexandra fue elegida para participar en la última edición de Operación Triunfo donde ha saltado a la fama gracias a su voz y su trabajo. En la sesión teníamos muchas ganas de experimentar con muchos estilismos distintos aunque no nos […]

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Publishing at Vidaestética Magazine for March 2009

This month has been published on 48 of Vidaestética Magazine a picture from Francesc Salvador which was part of the work I did for Begil’s microfiber Catalog in a photoshoot with adult models.

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