Cavalls del Vent Mountain Trip

The Challenge A couple of friends told me they were about to start the Cavalls del Vent Mountain Trip. They asked me to join them and ever since I got excited about the idea from being part of the team. Gear & Preparation Cavalls del Vent Mountain Trip

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Afternoon in Bilbao

Afternoon Photowalk in Bilbao

Afternoon Photowalk in Bilbao Following my trip by spending through the north coast of Spain after leaving Asturias Cuevas del Mar Beach I decided to spend an afternoon in Bilbao. The city is a municipality in the province of Biscay, in the autonomous community of Basque Country, Spain. It used to be a city very involved in the industry but the city has renewed some areas turning the place into something much more beautiful. The tourism has increased too since Guggenheim Museum was created. Nowadays, the […]

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Cuevas del Mar Beach

Asturias Last 2014’s June I visited Cuevas del Mar Beach located at the north of Spain very near from Nueva. Asturias region was my first stop from the northern area, a region which worths a visit. The landscapes, the food and the people. The population over this region is usually very kind and you may visit both coast and mountains in less than one hour. Picos de Europa, a beautiful mountain range very close from Cuevas del Mar beach, is a […]

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10 Days New Zealand photo trip

Why I decided to go for a 10 Days New Zealand photo trip About a year ago I was getting ready for my stay in Australia, besides that I always had a wish to fulfill: to visit New Zealand. Attracted by its pure nature, its mountains and rivers, it was clear that you could not return without visiting that country. Before continuing, I also wanted to thank my friend Teresa,  who based me on his experience visiting NZ a while […]

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Australia East Coast Photo Trip

After flying a few months ago to Melbourne, it was not until December, when I had time to see a little more of this huge country and leave the state capital of Victoria. The route has been all in campervan and consisted of several stages. I made this trip together with Roger, a good old friend who came to Australia for his holidays. The first stage was the Great Ocean Road, a road nourished by some beautiful natural landscapes and […]

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Saint-Jean de Luz

En uno de mis viajes por el norte de la Península Ibérica, hablando sobre los sitios que había visitado, surgió el nombre de un pueblo costero que no había tenido el placer entonces de conocerlo. Tal es así que a mi paso por Guipuzkoa tomé rumbo hacia ese pueblo que me habían dicho era tan bonito, Saint-Jean de Luz, cercano a Hendaia, en el País Vasco francés. Realmente vale la pena llegar hasta allí y conocer sus rincones, es un […]

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