Photographing in winter in the north of the Iberian Peninsula

The Challenge of photography in winter The weather sometimes gives us gifts that photographers must know how to take advantage of like photographing in winter in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. Even if the conditions are adverse it is worth going out and seeing scenes that we can rarely see again. However, it is necessary to adapt to these climatic conditions to have a good experience. Good shoes, good clothes and make sure the means of transport we use […]

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10 Days New Zealand photo trip

Why I decided to go for a 10 Days New Zealand photo trip About a year ago I was getting ready for my stay in Australia, besides that I always had a wish to fulfill: to visit New Zealand. Attracted by its pure nature, its mountains and rivers, it was clear that you could not return without visiting that country. Before continuing, I also wanted to thank my friend Teresa,  who based me on his experience visiting NZ a while […]

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