Photographing in winter in the north of the Iberian Peninsula

The Challenge of photography in winter The weather sometimes gives us gifts that photographers must know how to take advantage of like photographing in winter in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. Even if the conditions are adverse it is worth going out and seeing scenes that we can rarely see again. However, it is necessary to adapt to these climatic conditions to have a good experience. Good shoes, good clothes and make sure the means of transport we use […]

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STOLEN. The worst photo trip in my life

That is a sad story starting as a beautiful road trip and turned into a 13000€ worth of camera equipment theft stolen from our converted van while we were sleeping in it. Read the full story below. My worst nightmare so far. The Trip A few months ago, I did plan a road trip across Scotland from Barcelona with my friend Héctor (@hrf1 on instagram) and his Volkswagen Caravelle converted van. It was supposed to be a 15-day road trip […]

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Welcome to Melbourne, Australia!

Last October 4th I arrived in Melbourne (Australia) to spend a season with a few artistic projects in mind about photography and visuals. I have left Barcelona for a few months and I intend to make the most of the stay. My intentions in Australia have a lot to do with photography and that is why I have taken the odd team with me, saving as I could the demands of the airlines. Cameras: Canon EOS 5D Mark2 GoPro Hero2 […]

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Sessió de fotos Iren Mirror

Irene Espejo studio photoshoot and Making of

Those who already know a little about my portfolio will know that it is not the first session with Irene. The first was in 2008, resulting from the work of the entire team in some very good photos and experience. From there, with good precedents, keeping in touch with Irene, we decided to meet the camera and flashes again to expand our respective portfolios. It has been very easy to work with her both for the treatment and her ease […]

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Presentación Canon 1DX y 5Dmark3

Canon 5D Mark3 and 1DX presentation and my sensations

Today I have attended and as a Caborian reporter the presentation of the new Canon 1DX and Canon 5D Mark III cameras invited by Casanova Foto at their facilities at Ronda Universitat 35 (Barcelona). I have already attended a presentation in the past where some of the novelties of the brand’s flagship product in digital photography, the Canon 1DX, were discussed. This time I could already see and touch a unit of each model to see in “flesh and blood” […]

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Andrea Ruiz Studio Photoshoot

Planning Andrea studio Photoshoot Last January we held Andrea Ruiz studio photoshoot. After weeks of work, preparation and some tests came the first of a series of photo sessions that I planned to improve and complete my portfolio. I contacted Andrea via Fotoplatino and finally, after commenting on all the makeup, styling and theme details, we took the photos. We divided into two different days for agenda reasons and in this way also helped to make all the looks more fresh. […]

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Fotografiar en el Camp Nou

Cómo es fotografiar en el Camp Nou como fotógrafo oficial al lado de Messi

Hace unas semanas, Fernando, amigo y compañero fotógrafo me pidió hacer una substitución para cubrirle en el partido de Copa del Rey en el Camp Nou entre el F.C.Barcelona y el C.A. Osasuna el pasado 4 de enero. Era la primera vez que se me presentaba una oportunidad como esta, aun y viviendo en Barcelona hasta la fecha no me fue posible. Entre las indicaciones que me dió Fernando y otro fotógrafo que ya conocía que sí asistía al partido, […]

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Piromusical de Barcelona, La Mercè 2011

Por encargo de Sonostudi, empresa con la que he colaborado estrechamente y tengo una vinculación en varias áreas técnicas, este pasado septiembre me encargaron realizar un reportaje de un evento que año tras año reúne a cientos de miles de personas para presenciar el festival piromusical que sirve como colofón de final de fiestas de la ciudad de Barcelona. Esta empresa durante muchos años se ha encargado de coordinar y realizar toda la producción técnica de sonido para hacer llegar […]

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Sesión de fotos con Alba Arnau

Los primeros días de verano hice una sesión de fotos con Alba Arnau en el estudio de Moià donde ya pasaron anteriormente Lina Forero, Laia Pons y Vanessa Cots. Hacía ya 2 o 3 años que habíamos hablado con Alba de hacer esta sesión y finalmente la materializamos. En la sesión nos acompañó una buena amiga suya, María Torres, quien tambien se aventuró a coger la cámara un rato y tambien hacer de modelo. La primera parte de la sesión […]

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