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A very special and beautiful country with vast areas of deserts, beaches, mountains, forests and outback. Home for koalas and kangaroos among other special and rare creatures. Sadly, this country has suffered from thousands of bushfires endangering their unique biodiversity. Read more...


Australia is a great country for travel photography

Some people from the Western world believe that Australia is somehow accessible and you may visit the most interesting places in a few days. Far from that, it is a huge country. Besides Sydney and their iconic Sydney Opera House, Australia has a lot more to offer. It is an australian tradition that I learned whilst living there that some people grab a motorhome and spendsome months driving all arround the Island when they retire. That is a massive distance indeed. I wish I could have had the chance to do so since this country is so rare and special to explore and take pictures. I would like to mention some locations just in case you are planning a trip to Australia any time. You can enjoy some above in my Australia Photo Gallery.

Great Ocean Road

Great Barrier Reef

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Fraser Island

Kimberley Region

Tasman Island