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My first click

I was born in Barcelona, 1982.  Actually my skills as a photographer when I was a child where not as you can expect. My first camera was a plastic compact film camera from a manufacturer that I cannot remember the name. It was just red,  that’s all that I remember. Later I got a bit better Minolta compact camera. My father allowed me to use his reflex camera. Now I would never say that I used a Nikon camera but, to be honest, I did. My father’s reflex film camera was a Nikon. I did try learning photography at that time since I found really interesting the dial with numbers like 1/2000, 1/4000, etc. My first try developing a film after experimenting the manual mode was almost black prints. Maybe within an art context would have been interesting, not on photography terms. Anyway I didn’t give up at all. My creative needs pushed me to remain interested into photography until I bought my first digital photography camera with manual settings. My interest about photography grew up quickly and brought me to the most special thing I have ever found.

I did find the best way to let my creative and technical needs enjoy. Crossing both worlds mixing aesthetics and technology aquiring knowledge through experience and self-taught learning.

Teaching the new photographers generation

Always hungry of more pictures, improving even more what I learned and discover whatever can do my job better and success. The way I learned made me help others to learn as well. Supporting and taking part of a number of Caborian‘s photography congresses. I did work as part of the congress manager’s team as a production and technical manager and also performing a photography workflow speech within the congress at the main Audithorium of Universidad Laboral de Gijón.

Really involved on sharing my knowledge and skills about photography I did a photography workshop at “Discover English” school in Melbourne, Australia. That workshop, was in english with students from Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan and Italy. They learned about photography basics, composition, aesthetics and how to make our pictures look better.

The style

My vision about photography is creating photo-realistic beautiful imagery. Although I love some illustration and retouch artists, my style is classic and elegant, developing the pictures looking natural but sometimes nicer than reality. The way that I work it’s just exagerate what I see to highlight what looks best. The color treatment is also a key factor from black and white to over-saturated colors and sometimes even cross-process. I consider every single picture I have to work on controlling all the steps from the scratch: pre-production, the  lens and lighting choice,  deciding which color or B&W process match best and printing out the final image. It’s all about a creative process that I like to handle with care and have an eye for detail on every step.